Why AmexUS Mexico?

Anti Fraud


 Our anti-fraud over sight procedures eliminates fraudulent claims, unnecessary dental work, reduce cost per claim payouts and reduces overall costs  for you and your clients. 



 Our highly trained dental professionals will play a role in reducing costs without having to compromise  the quality of of dental care to your members. All dental providers have been CADP credentialed.



 The leader in quality dental care in Mexico USA. Insurance Carriers prefer Amexus because of our proven record since 1991 with excellent results  

Who We Are


Amexus, a California corporation, was established in August 1991 to provide US-equivalent dental services in Mexico as a fully Credentialed PPO Network, which was designed as a key turn operation that can easily integrate into an existing Network. Amexus is the leader in treating members through formal agreements with USA Major insurance carriers, DHMO’s, PPO’s, Taft-Hartley Trusts, Municipalities, and self-funded plans. 

As the leader in delivering optimal high-end dentistry that is equal to the U.S. counterparts at a fraction of the costs, Amexus has changed how the U.S. marketplace does business with Mexico. With Amexus, the U.S. payers will benefit from a fee schedule that is 50%- 60% below the US fees charged by USA dentists. We also eliminate unnecessary procedures as well as  fraudulent claims.  Amexus providers, unlike other Mexican providers, maintain malpractice liability insurance in the same amounts as generally maintained by dentists in the United States. 

Our efficient dentistry helps reduce costs by as much as 50% without having to compromise the quality of care provided. What makes Amexus the network of choice is the anti-fraud oversight and auditing system which has produced high client satisfaction resulting in 100% client retention since 1992. 

The Assurance

     Through the carefully selected and highly monitored Amexus provider network, employees receiving care in Mexico have confidence that the quality of care being delivered to them and their families meets the highest standards. The quality assurance system and provider accreditation program of Amexus give brokers, employers and employees alike, peace of mind. Dental offices are subject to medical audits on an ongoing basis.  As part of this process, each office is examined to ensure sterilization procedures that are used in the United States are in place and being utilized.  Amexus providers, unlike other Mexican providers, maintain malpractice liability insurance in the same amounts as generally maintained by dentists in the United States. The network includes participating dentists in Tijuana, Tecate, Mexicali, Los Algodones, ​San Luis Rio Colorado, Juarez, & Reynosa. The AmexUS credentialed network presently provides high quality dental care to insured Americans living in California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas since 1991.  


The Convenience

     American and Mexican Nationals can readily obtain appointments with their bilingual/bicultural dentist in clean, modern, well-equipped facilities.  The Amexus network features extended hours during the week including after-hour and weekend appointments.  Amexus facilities are also open for business on U.S. National holidays.  The extended hours of Amexus providers allow employees and their dependents the opportunity to receive care without losing time from work. Amexus dentists generally perform multiple procedures on each visit (when medically prudent) unlike their dental counterparts in the United States.  Amexus providers also are willing to schedule up to four family members per visit whereas dentists in the US will only schedule one or two. Therefore, dental treatment plans are completed in fewer visits, thereby adding even more convenience to, and high member satisfaction with the Amexus system.


Credentialing Process


Credential Dentists

Verify Provider Diplomas, License, TIN, Background check, Mal-Practice and more 


Credential Practice

 Certify dental equipment works properly, handicap friendly, parking, waiting room 


Credential Sterilization

 Dentists meet CADP Sterilization Procedures ie. Spore Testing, proper instrument tagging 


Patient Protection

Lead apron thyroid cover, personnel protective gear. Office sterilized between patients